Zach Martina

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Zach Martina

My name is Zach Martina and if you’re reading this, then you made a conscious decision to learn a little more about me and I’d just like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” for that so. . . thank you.

I don’t enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset because sand in my shoes bothers me, my cardiovascular endurance is awful & sunset is when the mosquitos come out. I am, however, looking for someone with a great sense of humor because I am a standup comedian. And most importantly, I have a wife & 2 daughters whom I love very much so I’m not interested in a romantic relationship.

I’ve been described as the type of comic who “tells dark jokes in a delightful manner” and I, often, yell on stage because it’s the only place where it’s socially acceptable to do so.

Sure, I’ve performed in festivals that include 10,000 Laughs, Limestone & the Best of the Midwest at Gilda’s Laughfest. And yea, I’ve had the good fortune of opening up for some of my favorites including Rory Scovel, Chad Daniels, Big Jay Oakerson & the Sklar Brothers. There my also my 2 albums (Skunkman & Not the Worst Dad) that hit number 1 on the comedy charts but none of that really matters.

The only thing that matters is that, in reading this, it was enough to convince you to attend a show, listen to an album and/or follow me on social media. If it wasn’t, then I get the last laugh because it was a big waste of your time.