Mike Cronin

Wed, Dec 15, 2021
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Mike Cronin

Comedian Mike Cronin

is a self-deprecating smart, dumb guy who happens to also be a

fantastic writer with a truly original voice. Mike spent several years

honing his craft at clubs and colleges near his hometown of Cincinnati

before relocating to Chicago, where he hosted the popular showcase,

“Best Night Ever.” Mike performed at the inaugural Limestone Comedy

Festival, The Boston Comedy Festival, 10,000 Laughs Festival and has

opened for Bo Burnham, Tommy Johnagin, and Tom Segura. When

their schedules permit, Mike and a rotating group of his closest

friends in stand-up tour nontraditional venues as the Best Buds of

Comedy. Along with Best Buds tourmate and frequent collaborator Alex

Stone, Mike co-wrote and co-directed the music video for “The Hipster

Song,” which has been viewed over 900,000 times on YouTube. After

attending one of Mike’s live shows, the New Times Broward-Palm Beach

raved that his “testosterone-friendly jokes about beards, lazy

masturbation, and sh**ting his pants were presented so deftly, he even

had the ladies laughing.” Mike is pretty sure that was meant as a

compliment. After

the success of his debut album “Hot For Too Long” (Rooftop Comedy

Records), which premiered in the top five of iTunes’ comedy album

charts, Mike has spent the last 6 years touring all across the country

and just recorded his sophomore album which will be out later this